Getting on my feet, With God’s help

We moved in it. Just one week ago, and it was rough. We still lack a bed and water piped in right. but William got one bathroom to work. Thank you God. We left all the food at Jenny’s and left angry at each other, I can’t help her any more. At some point you have to want to help your self. she not there yet. God’s got her that’s all that maters. and He has us as well. We have some of the finest neighbor’s anyone could have. It’s so dark at night out here, and the sounds are wonderful. we have deer in the back yard, and a lot of work to do. it’s going to be OK…


Well we didn’t do a tinny house!

We have put a mobil home on the land. And it needs lots of work. The electrical cord has been cut, meaning we have to have a electrician come in and re-wire the house to the pole. $$$. Money we didn’t have. But it’s getting done. Thank you Lord. Money so tight and we want to move in so bad. But with out electricity it’s impossible. the girl’s down in the lake. With a neighbor boating they had so much fun tubing. It’ll be so nice when we are all out there and able to go when we want.


Well my grandson went to the farm to set up a rabbit hutch and see if it’s all ok out there. Myself and daughter are just relaxing today. We need to do a food plan and inventory the food on hand. Also set up to do list for tomorrow. Monday’s are very busy. I don’t like to do anything on SUNDAY, it is a day of communing with God and my savior.